Those plastic bottles littering our parks

In July 2009, Clean Up Australia’s Chairman, Ian Kiernan AO, said that, “Australian’s thirst for bottled water is driving a dramatic rise in plastic rubbish and adding to greenhouse gas pollution. The reality is that people are paying more than $2 for less than a litre of water that would cost them almost nothing from a tap and be just as good for them. Australians purchase about 118,000 tonnes of plastic drink bottles a year but only recycle 35 per cent of them. The 76,700 tonnes left behind either goes to landfill or ends up in our environment as rubbish. 
 Bottled water has added significantly to a rise in the amount of plastic bottles that are now collected on Clean Up Australia Day, which were now among the five most common types of rubbish found dumped in the environment”.

Find out more by reading Suite 101- online magazine –

Where do All the Recyclable Plastic Water Bottles Go?


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