One person’s trash is another person’s treasure

How many times do you walk along the street and see discarded furniture and personal effects? Are they trash or treasure?

In our local area, where there is a mixture of NSW Housing Commission flats, apartment blocks and housing, you will always find evocative things.

This old suitcase particularly struck me as someone’s story. Who threw out this battered vehicle of the past and who once owned it? In it there were old German newspapers, a ladies page torn out from the The Daily Mirror, dated Tues June 15, 1954 (UK) and some quite neat trousers. It was like an outline for a story – the ladies page says so much about how fashions and women have changed in fifty-seven years.

Further along the street is a chest of drawers where people have left their take-away coffee cups. This shows me how people appropriate elements whether they are inside or outside. It’s an incongruous juxtaposition of elements that you normally associate with an internal/private situation but  is out there on a public street fulfilling the same function.

I’ll just keep walking and see what I find next time. Like in the past, someone of these things I take back with me.


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