The bike did find a new home

It was there every day, propped up and tied up to the telegraph pole on the street corner with the hand written sign on it. We first noticed it on the way to school, driving through the gritty streets of Darlinghurst just before 8am.

It wasn’t that someone had left their bike there to be picked up later. There’s already a bike like that parked outside the entrance to the adjacent apartment block – that one is blue and is always there first thing in the morning. This one had a, FOR SALE sign with a phone number on it.

As we drove to school each day, my daughter or I, would say, “I wonder whether the bike’s still there?”. We noticed that as the days went by, the price slowly crept down and it got me wondering about whether to buy it or not? It’s only been in the last few months that we’ve taken up cycling in Centennial Park and have been loving the exhilaration and freedom of it. It’s not only that; there really do seem to be more cyclists around using them for transport and exercise and so it makes you wonder whether it may be an idea to join them?

So the idea was not an impulsive one. As we kept driving through the autumn weather, the bike became one of our reference points on the route to school. It was still there till it reached the point when I was saying, “I really must stop and take that number down and check it out”.

Then it started raining – it’s a cold wet season this one with very patchy weather.

Was the bike still there or is the owner going to take it inside? And one day it really had gone. “You mean someone bought it” one of us said with the other replying “well that’s a great thing, finally”. Which means I’m just going to have to go out and buy a bike now.


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