Bondi ice skating

Everyone gets the irony of a ice skating rink on the sands of one of world famous Bondi Beach. As part of the Alpine Winter Festival, the ice skating rink started a couple of years ago outside St. Mary’s Cathedral is now developed a national festival by Austrian co-founder, Martin Kratky and fellow expat, Christopher Doerfel. The 900-square metre rink is now in Brisbane as part of a tour around several Australian cities. The Festival aims to liven things up during the quiet winter months in places like Bondi Beach.It is said to be one of the first times that there has ever been a rink on a beach.

It was incongruous  to be skating outdoors with the sound of the surf pounding in your ears and was a one of a kind experience even when you’re hugging the edges in a wobbly kind of way. It was the closest experience I’ve had to skating on a mountain lake in the Berkshire, Massachusetts where I first learnt with an ice hockey puck to help me with my balance and footwork.

They did a great job with the ice rink and it was very well organised. Apparently they used biodiesel for the generators to power two giant refrigeration units. Whilst it was neatly contained next to the skateboard park, I guess it is hard to contain all the utilities that bled around the edges.


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