Sculpture By the Sea on the move

Where do all the sculptures go when the show is over? On Oxford Street, Paddington, this over-sized truck was spotted with a rather unlikely cargo on it. The pieces are recognizable as coming from the recent Sculpture by the Sea exhibition. So the sculptures are definitely going somewhere and that the show goes on.  What was visible on the truck may have been the following pieces:

Sang Bong Lee, girl longing for the sea, Sculpture by the Sea, Bondi 2011. Photo Helen Liu

Korban/Flaubert, out

And then there were several in containers where the objects weren’t visible. To see these pieces out of the context of the magnificent coastline of Bondi/Tamarama beaches transforms them into objects with quite different impacts and relationships. In a studio or another setting they will take on other relationships but on the back of a truck, they could be part of a travelling side-show for example?


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