Is Job Warehouse really closing down?

For many years a favourite haunt for those enamoured of fine fabrics and a good old hunt for something special in Melbourne was Job Warehouse. It’s history of being established by the Holocaust survivor, Jacob Zeimer (1913-2005) is well documented. Under the management of David Zeimer since Jacob’s death it appears largely unchanged.

On a recent visit though at Christmas last year there was a notice on its’ windows that it was closing down. A quick phone call and I  found out that yes they really are closing – exactly when they can’t say but it’s happening and fabric is going cheap. You will also find not only vintage fabrics but buttons and other haberdashery as well.

Through a cousin in Melbourne who tailored her own clothes, I discovered Job Warehouse years ago and have been returning ever since.  On visiting it in October of last year, I was greeted with the predictable discouraging welcome and no you can’t go into the back rooms. Oh if you could go into those back rooms and try to see what hidden gorgeous fabrics are concealed there? But no, they are closed off and you’d probably need a Bobcat to off-load the weighten rolls of fabric that are collapsing on top of each other in there. At Christmas there were some silks in the window with turtles on them in contrasting red or blue backgrounds – if only we could have stayed longer until the shop reopened after Christmas! Let’s hope that they will still be closing down when I next get a chance to go to Melbourne.






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