The all-weather dog walkers

Whilst Sydney is not experiencing the  the flooding that the rest of NSW is going through, Warragamba Dam is full. Sydney’s torrential rain today was a street-clogger at peak hour. With more people getting into their cars rather than on public transport, drivers were creeping over  the intersections at the end of their orange light thereby blocking on-coming traffic and creating even more chaos. Then there’s the area around Moore Park, which is one of the lowest  in the eastern suburbs, and you’re driving through a foot of water – maybe we needs amphibious cars here?

But if you’re a committed dog owner or walker and are able to do so, regardless of the weather, you will be outside walking your dog/s. Once you get off the streets and into the parks you are free of all that chaos and horn-honking. You may be drenched to the bone despite having on your dry-as-a-bone, but your dogs are happy, especially ones like the labradors who love frolicking in the newly created inland lakes in Centennial Park. It is surreal out in the park in the muted landscape but better there than being in the traffic.



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