the democratic model of public space under threat

An eye-catching article in a recent Guardian weekly highlights what can happen to public space when things get tight. Then when you search a bit further it becomes apparent that the “undemocratic model of land ownership” is far more prevalent than I realised in Britain – we see it here in shopping malls and walled residential estates but now private ownership is creeping more and more into the public realm. As governments stop governing (as they keep cutting back public servants) then what’s to stop them from caring about public space?

Is this happening in Australia yet?

Here are some links:

Public spaces in Britain’s cities fall into private hands

Projects such as London’s new outdoor space, Granary Square at King’s Cross, favour business over community, say critics.

Privately owned public space in King’s Cross

Aberdeen’s divisive City Garden project hangs in the balance

Privately owned public space: where are they and who owns them?

Help us to create a map of privatised public spaces in Britain so we can see just how much of land is under corporate control


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