Drive by sculpture

You drive the same route or maybe a variation of it to the same places week in and week out often for years. The hum drum of routines. But it doesn’t have to be does it especially when local councils liven up the journey.

This sculpture – ‘It Takes Two’ by Paddington based artists, Gillie and Marc – is part of a Temporary Art Installation Program run by Woollahra Council. What adds to the temporary nature of this work is how someone has added another even more temporary element to it – a  bright pink scarf and beanie. That’s what happens when you put it out there. As you drive along, you wonder how long the scarf and beanie will stay and no, it wasn’t long – about a week or so before it went.

Now someone else has put a blue scarf around the kangaroo figure. How long do you think this will last?


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