The egg falls from its’ nest

Where has the pink Egg Swing gone to? One week a local was telling me to check it out  and then the next week it was gone – the curved lamp post was there but with no vibrant Egg Swing attached?After being embraced by the community living around the Royal Hospital for Women Park in Paddington, the Egg Swing is now undergoing repairs, probably from over use.

Woollahra Council Mayor Andrew Petrie said in October, “Tomorrow I will launch what is the best swing in any park I have ever seen. A beautiful piece of public art. Crafted by sculptor, Mikala Dwyer, the Egg Swing can be enjoyed by adults and children”. Driving past it one day, I saw a little girl in a pink tutu clamouring to have her her turn on it.

The sculpture was installed as part of a long term plan for the hospital site since it was redeveloped in 1997. Its’ womb like shape commemorates that history and invites people to follow their imaginations which is exactly what they’ve done.

 I look forward to driving past soon and seeing it back in action.


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