We made it to Crystal Falls not Mossman Gorge

On our ride at Blazing Saddles I was a talking with our guide about going to Mossman Gorge World Heritage site in Queensland, for a swim after our ride. Instead of going there, his suggestion was to go where the locals go – Crystal Falls.

It was a matter of which place was easier to get to rather than the actual place itself. Crystal Falls/Falls is closer to a half hour drive from Cairns rather than a 77km drive from there past Port Douglas to Mossman Gorge. The Falls aren’t serviced by public transport so it isn’t the easiest place to get to.

With our hand drawn map we found our way to the Falls going through Redlynch and up into the hills and rain forest. As the mountains loomed ever more closer, we were just suddenly there. There’s a wide concrete pathway running alongside the falls which takes you to a look out that’s currently being upgraded. You can duck down to the river off the pathway and go swimming in a water hole or go sliding down the cascades. For somewhere that’s not meant to be well known we found it quite hard to find a spot that wasn’t full of other swimmers it’s that popular.

Crystal FallsCrystal FallsCrystal Falls


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