What is Anish Kapoor doing to our minds?

The  scale of the sculpture in the ground floor gallery is so large and visceral – it’s like I wanted to get on my knees and play with the coloured wax. You feel small like when you’re on a mining or logging site. The other sculptures by Anish Kapoor at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney are much smaller but no less absorbing.

The visual play of light-absorbing pigment is incredulous in other works. What you swear is a flat plain is actually a three-dimensional recess. There is no end of visitors looking at the side of several pieces to try and figure what is really going on in them. Other pieces play on optical allusions in different ways and on the play of spatial distortions that they generate. All the distortions that he creates are difficult to pick up in images but here are a few:Anish3Anish4Anish5Anish1Anish2


One thought on “What is Anish Kapoor doing to our minds?

  1. We were captivated by a show of Anish Kapoor’s work at the Guggenheim in Bilboa, Spain a few years ago (which we blogged about then). He truly is a mind-expanding artist and we really were so glad we were able to spend the day viewing the many works. Thanks for posting.

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