A taste of Los Angeles style

You have to walk a long way between shops on Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, but it’s worth it – we found ‘Creatures of Comfort’. It’s is a must-go to clothes shop where there’s an eclectic mix of their own brand and Isabel Marant clothes amongst others. After and hour in there, we were dying for a coffee so we were directed across the road to the boutique Hotel Palihotel Melrose Avenue.

Palihotel 1Palihotel 2

The cafe is fresh and fun. Its’ interior is an eclectic mix of old and new with odd juxtapositions of materials  that seem to refer to the building’s former use as a seniors’ centre. Who knows as it all somehow works and has a great warm and friendly feeling about it. I can only gather it was designed by the Paligroup’s own team of designers.

Down on La Cienega Boulevard,  West Hollywood, is Opening Ceremony, a cult fashion retail environment which blew us away. It’s worth having a look just for the experience.

Similarly the restaurant at The Huntley Hotel overlooking Santa Monica beach is eclectic as is the downstairs reception area and foyer. It was remodelled about five years ago with interiors done by by Thomas Schoos Design. It may be a bit Architectural Digest but for the weary traveller it is sheer luxury especially with the’ views across the beach towards home somewhere (Australia).

IHuntley 1IHuntley 2Huntely 3

The hotel’s fact sheet describes the interior as:”Step into the lobby of The Huntley Hotel and be entranced by our chic beach hotel in Santa Monica, where eclectic furniture from post-modern to raw refined timbers and soft leathers mixed in with the pale tones of elegant wall coverings transfer the beaches of Santa Monica into the hotel lobby.” And it works. The restaurant is even better though, with its’ predominant white colour wrapping you in a lightness and airiness, chandeliers sparkling even at breakfast, really comfortable chairs to linger over your meal in and warm wood to walk on.

For someone who’s not from LA, LA is not a hustle bustle city. We drove through what may be hustle bustle but no, it’s all about traffic and roads and not walking. The beach is probably the most hustle bustle place that there we saw and we really enjoyed that.


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