New media new ways to eat

The first time I’ve come across in-table screen menus – or perhaps you can call them e-menus – was at Barney’s, New York. Whilst having a break from being a tourist there we had a late lunch in their cafe.

IMG_2130 2IMG_2131

And if we wanted more fashion then there there it was on the screens that we could scroll along. But Barney’s hasn’t lost the human touch with waiters/waitresses still asking you for orders and serving you after going through the on-screen menu.

This new technology is in the place you eat – there are lots more apps and websites that help you in other ways related to eating or even paying for a taxi which is what at least one taxi driver had in the US. The e-wallet approach is taking us to a cashless economy some would say. An article in Choice magazine clearly describes the basics of e-wallets and what is and isn’t currently possible on different phone systems. is a cashless mobile app and there are other apps that help with pre-ordering food or drinks. I’m glad  though that Barney’s still has people and that the service even runs late sometimes.


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