Where would a tourist be without New York taxi drivers

NYC map

How not to hail a taxi

Downtown and trying to return from Wall Street, tiredness and frustration were setting in. Finally, after heading towards West Broadway, I was finally able to hail a taxi as there hadn’t been one in sight for what seemed an eternity. Waving my arms frantically, a driver slowed  down and when I’d calmed down a fraction, he gave me some tips on how to hail a cab.

His main tip was not to appear as though you’re a bank robber who needed a get away car! He also suggested going to Jane on Houston Street, an American  restaurant near our apartment (through Airbnb) which does great food, although on the pricey side.

NYC cardsIMG_2118  IMG_2184

How to get a free tour of NoHo

Looking for a cab back to the apartment in SoHo, the funniest cab driver, driving a sponsored one, gave us a lift, even though we weren’t clients of the said company. He gave us this great tour of SoHo, NoHo and surrounding areas giving us a list of great clothes shops, restaurants and cafes that we may not have found by ourselves all for free.


How to avoid New Jersey

Worn out again, emotionally and physically, from seeing the 9/11 memorial area I had the great idea of catching a bus back. Not a great idea and we ended up way to far west and exhausted but we did manage to find a cab in Tribeca instead to take us to the HighLine.

This New York cabbie, who been driving like most of his life, told us about the hours that people spend driving to New Jersey and back, day in, day out, week in, week out, for years, via the Holland Tunnel. How many years would that add up to? He showed us and told us stories about the Meat Packing District and what it used to be like before it started to be cleaned up and attract different uses.

IMG_2144meat packing district

Don’t go on a tour – catch a cab for a little bit more and get a real story of what New York is like.


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