One of the 100 missing sculptures reappears

This sculpture appeared one day last week on the top of an awning at the intersection of the main road that leads down to Bondi Beach.

IMG_2784 Sculpture last Tuesday/Wednesday 

It was hard to miss in other words. Who the sculptor was was unmistakeable as Gillie and Marc’s work appear in several places in the vicinity such as Double Bay and Paddington. But why was this one on top of an awning and how did it get there. As it happened, the Daily Telegraph revealed the full story.

There were 100 fibreglass dog sculptures that Gillie and Marc placed in public places, initially unsecured,  as part of their own experiment in bringing art to the streets last year. They placed them in places from Mosman to Mittagong and the eastern suburbs at their own expense. All but three of the thirty kilogram sculptures have disappeared which shows how keen people are about sculpture. Unfortunately though one in Bellevue Hill was found smashed and vandalised.

Now this one appeared last Tuesday or Wednesday, then it disappeared, as Gillie suggested, “Maybe they saw the article and got worried?” Not too worried though as it has now reappeared in disguise as a surfie dog sculpture with a blonde wig.

GIllie and Marc’s sculpture, It Takes Two, in Paddington, currently sports Halloween gear.

IMG_2789IMG_2792IMG_2796 Sculpture today with blond wig


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