Sculpture by the Sea Bondi 2

They’re packing up today despite the rain.There was a great range of sculpture there this year and it’s impressive how it hasn’t lost momentum after such a long time.

Views along the coast

IMG_2824 IMG_2823

IMG_2814 Phil Price, snake

 IMG_2821 Bev Goodwin polyrock

IMG_2822 Carole Purnelle & Nuno Maya plastic world (2009)

IMG_2845 Jane Gillings within and without

IMG_2839 Arun Sharma (de) composition: family

IMG_2828 Chen Wenling triptych

IMG_2846IMG_2848 David McCracken diminish and ascend

IMG_2833 Andrew Rogers folded 3 (2012) 

IMG_2840 Yunhsu Hsu 2012-11

IMG_2815 Sally Kidall nomadic city: lest we forget

IMG_2826 Lucy Humphrey horizon


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