Tamarama coffee

It’s just round the corner as you go from MacKenzie’s Beach along Bondi to Tmarama Coast Walk and you wouldn’t know it if you didn’t go round that corner rather than being mesmerised by the view from the headland. Tamarama has been cleaned up and those masters of clean, elegant public utility buildings,  lahznimmo architects, have designed the new cafe, change rooms, services building and storage areas.

The linear cafe building fits in with that of the sandstone ledges, pathways and coastal road. Materials are chosen for long-term maintenance and survival against the exposed coastal conditions. On the opposite side of the park is the storage facility that counters the linearity of the cafe with its’ clean curved wall. It’s uncomplicated, robust and recognisably part of a family of buildings by lahznimmo – St James Station environs, Hyde Park and Centennial Park amenities.


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