Beefed up at Cumulus Inc.

It was only because we overheard a conversation at a restaurant that we found out about this fantastic restaurant just up the road from where were staying at Punt Hill Manhattan Apartments in Flinders Lane, Melbourne. It was quite early, around 6pm,  on a really cold Saturday night that we ventured out to Cumulus, Eating House and Bar, naively thinking that it would be easy to get a table. But no, it was jammed packed and we were lucky to be seated at a bookshelf near the serving area, stacked with cookbooks that the waiter kindly cleared for us.


And it was worth it, despite being crammed in. Being Sydney-siders, we weren’t aware that Cumulus Inc. is home to acclaimed chef, Andrew McConnell. We were walked through the menu by a very devoted waiter who explained how they did things there – you have select various starters while waiting for your main course to be prepared.

The wait, which wasn’t that long while grazing on perfect wee olives, salami and bean salad, for the beef rib was so worth it. This was melting tender, tasty and to die for nuggets of rib with a perfect jus and scorched onions, which were perfect for a cold winter’s night. The place was buzzing with happy customers of all ages in a loft-style setting and people happy to wait for half an hour to get in.


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