Cairns in summer in the city

Far north Queensland is balmy and beautiful in the middle of an Australian summer. Gentle breezes wash this coastal paradise and rains typically cool the place at night. Even though the cyclone season can go from around Christmas time until February, the weather is generally far more pleasant than that of the intense heat of the southern states. And there’s heaps to do whether you follow the tourist route or go where the locals go. Here are a few places to check out in the city.

It’s great to have breakfast and really decent coffee at the outdoor/covered Perrotta’s – the lemon pound cake is a must. After that go for a walk along the Esplanade before the day gets too sticky. If you’re looking to have a picnic, get some picnic friendly food at Italian delicatessen, Victor’s, on the Captain Cook Highway before heading out of the city. When you return from your trip, browse local and indigenous art and jewellery at KickArts. Also check out their online shop for their fantastic range of contemporary jewellery and artwork.


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