White Rabbit at play

The current exhibition, State of Play, at White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney, opens with a bang – literally there are clip-clopping buckets that randomly plop around like frogs in One Kind of Behaviour (2000–2007), a mechanical orchestra of buckets by the Taiwanese artist Shyu Ruey-Shiann. It’s so unexpected and refreshing and sets the tone of the exhibition.

As you progress through the four levels upstairs,the tone, media, techniques and means of play change as there is a progression through to adult hood and adult games. They break and play with boundaries and even the ceilings of the gallery give in to the games. On the upper level the games are more confronting, dark, intimate and gender related (Zhang Hai’er). Whilst the clip clopping downstairs can be somewhat obtrusive, the works deal with globalisation (The Empire 2013 by Jian Jun Xi), the impact of rampant urban growth, the invisibility of traditional landscape art in China (Yang Yongliang’s Cigarette Ash Landscape 2013), legends modernised and much more from 30 artists. STATE OF PLAY, 27 February 2015—August 2015


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