Tokyo shock – Shinjuku

Tokyo, capitol of Japan has an estimated population of 13.35 million people in 2014. Including the greater metropolitan area though, it is the most populous metropolitan area in the world when all the outer prefectures and urban agglomerations are included which takes the population upwards of 37.8million people.

The tourist arriving in Tokyo at Narita gets a sense of how big it is as it takes an hour and a half to get anywhere near where renown attractions are. To get anywhere in Tokyo involves the train/subway system which, as everything else is in Tokyo, hugely efficient.

It functions in a very common sense way, or that may be Japan itself? There are efficient services and the population is orderly and disciplined about using them. And quiet. No wonder Tokyo is up there on various surveys for cleanliness, helpfulness, great transportation, great shopping, greatest places to live in the world.

Shinjuku is one of the top favourite places  to go to. There is a huge department store – Takashimaya – which is fun and connected to the train system. Once you get out of this complex though, you enter that crazy Tokyo world. A mixture of no grid, intricate urban streets, signage screaming for attention, tiny tucked away eating places and shops, shops, shops, international brands scream out against local ones.

. Its entertainment without having to pay for anything.


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