Tokyo shock- Harajuku

You could spend days wondering around the intricate web of streets and alley ways around Harajuku. If you get off at Harajuku station, rather than Shibuya, you can walk straight along Omotesando Street, a very European-style tree-lined boulevard, where the crowds extend for as far as the eye can see. It is a great way of seeing the renowned Hello Kitty girls and street fashions of Tokyo especially along Takeshita Dori. LaForet is a complex with some international high end brands and local Japanese ones and fun to wander through.

More interesting though is Cat Street and other lane ways nearby. These areas are more like the NoHo and Soho areas of New York City where there are the international brands – Adidas, Opening Ceremony  – along with Japanese and Asian high end and cult brands such as Aape by a Bathing Ape, RA.SHIN.K. JEANS, and great designer vintage shops such as RAGTAG.  And you can eat quite inexpensively at  teppanyaki and other small eateries close by. For a break, go to the Meiji Jingu Shrine and Yoyogi Park immediately behind Harajuku Station, where its a short walk to the Shrine and you can get some relief to get from the crowds.


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