Tokyo/Kyoto shock –

The diversity of Japanese cuisine was beyond well beyond my imagination before going to Tokyo and Kyoto. Japanese cuisine is so satisfying yet not too filling.

This is just a sampler to whet your appetite. The smoked, slow cooked pork at the Owl Restaurant, Kyoto, which was hands down the best meal there. Just down from the Imperial Gardens, it is one of those hole in the wall places and has been going for about 18 years. A husband and wife team make you feel like you’re part of the family and chat over the bar/bench top as amazing food is handed over as it is cooked. We had sashimi, tempura – the mackerel being especially tender and sweet – the slow cooked smoked pork which is as good as you will have anywhere, chicken and miso. Tempanyaki is highly popular which is fun as you can watch chefs cooking over the grill in front of you. Tonkatsu crumbed chicken which we found in a basement restaurant off Cat Street, Tokyo.


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