Festival of Sydney -Ephemeral City

Olivier Grossetête, Ephemeral City, lasted just a few weeks. It must be one of the most successful community, performance installations ever devised. Tucked away in the secretive bunker of the Cutaway at Barangaroo Reserve, Sydney, it was truly like discovering a pirate’s treasure. Epic-sized cardboard towers, loosely based on local architecture, slowly arose, constructed by the participating community. There was a flying-fox whizzing through which gave a daring birds’s eye view of the city and Shaun Gladwell’s latest video artwork, Skateboarding vs Minimalism on the back wall of the cutting.


Working only in cardboard, Grossetete has been crating such dream-like constructions for some 17 years. He brought the boxes with him to construct the towers. The dreamlike city that was constructed, with the ephemeral light passing through from the side, was then systematically demolished, to the sound of the crowd’s count down, in around one hour. After some careful safety checks, the crowd was unleashed to jump the city back to earth.



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