Latest at the galleries

Robyn Stacey’s intriguing photographic compositions at Still’s Gallery Dark Wonder, comprise the outer worlds of rooms being projected into the rooms themselves. Using camera obscura, Stacey transforms and adds alternate dimensions to these spaces. They appear almost to flesh out the characters of the people whose rooms they relate to.                  8 October to 5 November 2016

At Martin Brown Contemporary, it is refreshing to see work from quite a different perspective. This is Vietnamese, Pham Luc‘s first exhibition in Sydney. He is one of Vietnam’s most important modern artists. Showing with him (but not shown here) is Savanhdary Vongpoothorn based on retelling of the Ramayana set in Laos rather than the Ganga. Till October 23, 2016

Jamie North‘s exhibition at Sarah Cottier Gallery, that just finished uses his now recognisable materials and ideas. He typically uses industrial waste materials with native Australian flora to create worlds within worlds.

At the group show at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery, the artists are covering a lot of ground.From the rejuxaposed found object pieces by Bill Culbert and Jim Lambie to Dale Franks’s luminescent billboard-sized pieces, there is a lot to be absorbed in. What artists can do with plastic bottles, bicycle wheels and potato bags are spatially and aesthetically intriguing pieces. Till 14 October, 2016.


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