Customs House spirographs of colour

When you see layers of multi-coloured ribbons streaming and layering down from above the first thought that comes to mind is ‘Spirograph’. Apparently ‘Spirograph’ is still available to draw those gyrating patterns with but Megan Geckler Studio’s version in Customs House for Art & About is like a 3D version of it. It takes up the volume of the central atrium descending from the ceiling and spreading out onto a frame above ground level. Each pice of tape is critically positioned to create subtlety layers of graduating colours and rhythms.

As you move around the piece you sense a rainbow of  movement. With the light coming though from glass ceiling there an ethereal lightness to it all and a wonderful sense of space.”The end result resembles an updated three-dimensional version of string art that shares the seemingly kinetic territory of the Op Art and Light+Space movements. These site-specific projects are also strongly influenced by minimalism, but retain a sense of play and delight”.(From Megan heckler studio website).

On 17 November 2016- 30 April 2017


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