Around the galleries – November

On exhibition at  Sarah Cottier Gallery are two artists whose work are both ephemeral and transcendental, Koji Ryui‘s ‘A-UN’ and ‘Singing Vessels’ series and Sandra Selig ‘Air Pieces’. The experience of coming across Ryui’s work is like entering into a room full of antiquities which is filled with the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls. Tiny unglazed ceramic heads with mouths open (A) or closed (UN) play silent songs to each other. The rawness of the clay contrasts with the eclectic placement of scraps of playful, random materials like Christmas tinsel. A central table displays upturned glasses with bowls and vases or vessels with rods used to create the singing of the bowls. The sound is another layer that transforms these everyday objects into something else. Though separate, the two installations work together also as a binary.

Sandra Selig work has architectural and space-making qualities about it. The rectangular field of suspended rods play with light and movement. With the cut our figure grounds in yellow and red on the wall, again there is a binary contrast at work here.

Exhibition on at Sarah Cottier Gallery, Sydney, 18th November – 17th December 2016.


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