Around the galleries – February

There are two great shows across the road from each other in the Trumper Park gallery area of Paddington.

Matthys Gerber at Sarah Cottier Gallery 10 February – 11 March 2017.

Back in the 1980’s, Nederlands born,  Sydney resident, Matthys Gerber was doing massive paintings of babies’ faces that charismatically dominated rooms. He’s still doing confronting postmodernist work except with more clarity. This is a great exhibition of looking though and out of templates into, merging photography with abstraction and expressionism.

Tamara Dean at Martin Brown Contemporary – 2-26 February 2016. Instinctual

A soothing and poignant escape into landscapes and rituals, glimpses into lives of some very free people immersed in these landscapes. Reflections, bird tattoos flying on bodies, sky-peering. Questions arise from of these constructed photographic views of what, where, why and how the people are in these places; floating, walking, giving themselves to  the space and places that Tamara evokes.



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