Show and Tell at 220 Creative Space

Some exhibitions and work just grip you. Elizabeth Rankin‘s recent show at 220 Creative Space, Sydney, is a story about the Pyjama Lady murder where the victim’s face was unrecognisable. “In this exhibition she explores the strange incident of the Pyjama Girl found dead and abandoned in Albury in 1934 wearing yellow silk pyjamas”. Her husband was found to be the murderer! Rankin recalls the murder from visiting the Royal Easter Show as a child where the story was an attraction there and is part of the show’s narrative. These kinds of underbelly stories are food for Rankin’s practice and suites her technique or visa verser. She applies paint with rag over charcoal drawings when she isn’t doing collage landscapes, drawings, sculptures and painted crockery. The techniques are appropriately evocative,  moody and suited to her subject matter.

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